2015 Caring and sharing Party


In order to gave a happy and heart warming CNY to the poor and minority families in Xingzhuang area, The Great Xingzhuang City Development Association held The Caring and Sharing Party 2015 in ZhongXin Elementary School in the end of lunar year.

In this party, the amount of the donators(enterprises, stores, indivisuals etc.) is up to 49. The association provided 3,500 exchange books base on the amout of  low-income families(2,304) and middle-income families(1,133) provided by Xingzhuang District Office, and the office also help to deliver to those families. The total price in each exchange book is about $1,500, and each family can use the tickets in the book to exchange goods or food or hair cutting or free medical treatment.

This party is held 3 times in last 3 years. It not only makes these poor and  minority families feel concerned and warmed, but also promotes the corporate image of donators(the enterprises), improves the social harmony and stability and also improves the progress and prosperity of  New Taipei City.



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