2013 Hsinchuang prosperity co-sales plan




Under the implementation of luxury goods tax, housing prize control plan and the original of old Hsinchuang district, in order to match the high housing price of Hsinchuang New City District, government needs to cooperate with constructors to communicate the coming constructions of the area including transportation, business opportunities, and talents. The communication is from a new angle of public government instead of construction companies, it emphasizes on the importance of the new area development and position to attract more people to move in.



  • Implementation Strategy       
    • With integrating the constructors in Hsinchuang, the media resource focuses on communicating the big constructions and policies of Hsinchuang New City District. To earn the support from government via the Great Hsinchuang Development Association to build the quality image of Hsinchuang constructor alliance.
  • Successful Media Strategy
    • Successful IMC
      • The image of Hsinchuang New City District is built via TV, the preference of the alliance is increased via newspaper, excellent package of giveaways is made, POP media and radio ad are implemented.        
    • All of the main newspapers exposures
      • all members of the alliance place the ad in the first day of the schedule on the first package(package A) of eye catching positions, and with being lead by “local advantage” ad(general column), all constructors put their full page ad consecutively later on papers.
    • Endorsement and supporting voice from government
      • Other than TV and newspapers, a series of news report is specially planned which invites the head of Economy Development Bureau to introduce the coming prosperity of Hsinchuang New City District. The report perfectly explains the same goal of Hsinchuang development of government and constructors from an objective point of view.


The package of the topic is operated very well. Hsinchuang New City District with its investing advantage is successfully positioned and attracts the most volume of visitors in holidays of April.


Newspaper complete package ad

  • Apple Daily on 3.29/Taipei City Version








News Report



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