As cross-strait interaction being the best engine of mutual development, Media Drive initiated the Great Xingzhuang City Development Association with local entrepreneurs to increase the prosperity of Xingzhuang district by incorporating the support from the industry, government and education fields. The goal of the association is to make Xingzhuang become a new town and smart city with eco-friendly and quality life. Cross –Strait City Development & Living Art Forum held by the association invited a number of elites and authorities representing government offices, media and universities in across-strait. The topic is focus on people’s living quality which should be directed into not only richness but full of art, taste and morals.

The forum invited Shanghai Across-Strait Exchange Association and Fudan University School of Management to discuss four topics on business, cultural creation, construction and commerce about Shanghai and New Taipei City. The successful experience of New Pudong District is the good example of city development. The experts believes that the vision of Hsinchuang New City District rely on upgrade of industry, software of culture and creative business, the standard of construction, and the transportation convenience. It is the first time for Taipei to hold the forum and it is the great start of raising the city value. To prospect for the future, the association will still invite more members of enterprises to join the platform and have more opportunities of creating greater scale of operation result for prosperity of Hsinchuang.