In the cold winter time, while every family is preparing the coming Chinese New year, there are still a lot of poor and minority family not able to have a warm and happy Chinese New year and need the cares and love from others.

Without any financial sponsorship, the activity only accepted goods contributions and services. There were over thirty participating groups. Xingzhuang District Office firstly sent coupons to about 3,000 poor families before the activity. Every participating family not only has eight tickets to exchange the merchandise at the party vendors, but has the opportunity to get free one day ticket of High Speed Rail to Taichun.

The Great Xingzhuang City Development Association is a young association which aggressively holds effective activities with excellent reputation.

The Caring & Sharing Party is believed to let the minority families in Xingzhuang area have warm and happy Chinese New Year and help the local area to be more developed and bring prosperity.

Organizers: Media Drive Group, The Great Xingzhuang City Development Association