Pizza Hut Shaking Chicken Shaking Dancing Master


Marketing Objective:

Create chicken news to keep strengthening Pizza Hut chicken product image to Younger Users.

Digital Communication Strategy:

  1. Excite: To excite consumers ad arouse their interests via video and social network platforms.
  2. Engage: Recruit video contents via campus-related sites and create opportunity for buzz.
  3. Share: Reuse interesting or creative contents on official fan page and encourage users to vote and share to attract larger audience.


During the campaign period, the event site had over than 210K page views and 50 pieces of video works with high quality and client‘s sales target was achieved.

Official Video

Winning videos

Winning Work 1

Winning Work 2

2013 Weichuan Summer 3-steps Power Saving Campaign

Project Background

Although the “Polar Bear” TV commercial is well-known and deeply remembered by audience, it has been communicated for two years already. The client wants to have a brand new communication plan to young people to strengthen the connection between Weichuan and environment protection.



  • To strengthen the green corporate image- To associate Weichuan Corporate with the image of environment protection.
  • To communicate with young people-continually enhance the communications with the young people in the age of 20-39.



  1. To convey the green message in funny way by utilizing the famous internet video among young people played by A-ga Tsai.
  2. With working with Yahoo Taiwan which has the greatest audience, we develop the interactive online game with creative ad spot.

3-steps Power Saving video by A-ga Tsai

Creative content



Total media exposure: over 1.5 billion times; Total clicks: over 100
Total visitors to online activity: 74966 which creates near 200
Views of A-ga Tsai Video in Youtube - over 130
Be selected as the best internet activity of Yahoo Taiwan and the best ad in the month.

2013 KIRIN BarBeer: Come to the Cool Bar!



BarBeer puts its major resource in TV commercial in the past. The client wants to raise the product appearance among young people via internet and brand preference by creating interactions.



Max Reach: Operation of portal sites and video site

Eye Catch: To show the brand image by the powerful ad on effective positions.

Traffic: To bring more traffic into the with ad promotion aside

Production company – Homakimi Digital Group


Total media exposure: over 47 million times
The activity is connected with social media and there are 20 different gaming ending design to attract participation. Each participant has brand interactions of average 11.7 times and the sharing of Facebook are 7
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