• 2007-2011 manages MTV Channel Taiwan and integrates the self-own media channel resource in the industry

  • NanShan Life Insurance company partnership


In order to be close to young people, NanShan Life wants to hold theme activities of favored music by young people.


Nan Shan Life cooperates with MTV channel of Media Drive holding a series of young-leaders programs includes participating in Spring Wave music festival and music summer camp; Gives cost-effective services such as promotions in self-owned channel, placement marketing in TV programs, CF production and promotions from pop artist to Nan Shan Life.


Many well-known pop idols and artist participates and the post survey shows that 99% of the participants give the high evaluation to the activity flow and arrangements.

  • Concerts


MTV Chart Show


J.J. Lin

2009 – 2011

Sports B. Concert


Ayal Komod


La Tea Happy Concert

Media Drive participates in show/program production

  • 2004 produces CTS maxiseries “I only care about you” with sole investing


Media Drive independently produced maxiseries “I only care about you” which played by star actors and actresses from Taiwan and Hong Kong like Eddie Peng, Cheryl Tang and etc.


Successfully places the products of Media Drive’s clients into the series to enhance the products exposure.
Benefited Clients: Tai Shin Bank, BMW, Wei Chuan and etc.


With the actress being a employer in Tai Shin Bank in the scene, the client’s products successfully placed in the drama. The character’ personality was designed based on the corporate culture of Tai Shin Bank and the BMW cars are driven by managers in the scene. The series has the best TV rating on CTS in 2004-2005.

  • 2005 the Lin-Chi Show

Award Winning


Nominated in ClickAward

– Peugeot 308 Summer Victory Travel Ballot


MSN Taiwan articles selected in Business Next magazine

- Mini IM interacted brand campaign in Christmas

The gold award in the 9th Click Awards

- automobile category
- Mini ClubMan

The silver award in the 9th Click Awards

- personal grocery category
- Family Mart 6 stars green man


The best integrated marketing awards in the 6th E-Era

-Family Mart marketing campaign